The New (larger) Little Hen House

The New (larger) Little Hen House
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The (old) Hen House
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can Money Buy Happiness??

Ok.  Here I am again, ready to let go of the FB page(maybe for a day!)  a bit, and search my inner self deeply for the words needed to create this topic I've been debating about writing on for weeks now~  So, "Hello" again to all the previous readers, and "Welcome" to the new ones!! :)

I was deeply involved in thought the other day at work when someone said something that grabbed my attention.  You know those times, when you're concentrating on accomplishing some task and "wham!", you are totally brought out of it by words that you catch someone saying, but you were barely listening in the first place. Those words were, "If someone says that money cannot by happiness, then they obviously have never had a puppy."

I had never heard this before! Ok...that statement changed my mind a little (just a bit), about money.

Having a dog, I could relate. But, being a person that raises chickens, I immediately thought the same about my hens.  How many times in the last couple days was I brought to a smile when 12 of my 14 hens followed me around the yard.  Or the day I found that tiny little immature egg amongst all the large ones. Yes, they made me happy too! Oh..I did pay money for my chickens.

I must admit, I spend a few dollars on my chickens.  Tractory Supply Company is one of my favorite stores.  The feed, the feeders, the waterers, scratch, scratch blocks, hay, DE (diatomateous earth), traps to catch the critters that kill them, all this costs money, my friend.  But honestly, it's not quite as hard to hand out my hard earned money for these things, as it is for lets say, our property taxes.

I've discovered that happiness is aquired by many things, situations, and thoughts, each of which depends on the attitude we have when we acquire them.  Seems everything can have a negative or a positive side, depending on how we look at it.  Maybe it's about choice.  I choose to look at raising my hens in a positive way, it's work sometimes, but it's happy work.  I smile when they greet me in the morning to feed them. I talk to them as I gather eggs during the day, or pour fresh water in their pan during the winter, that I've hauled from the house.  On one hand, this could be a lot of work, on the other, not.  This choice I've made to make this a happy circumstance helps balance me.

But, back to the money.  Does it really buy happiness? Can money by feelings?  Let's not go there.
If we look at money as the reason we have the things in this life that we have, and we are happy with our lives, then maybe yes is the answer.  I don't know about you, but money isn't the REASON for my happiness.  I am happy because I am loved, and I love in return.  And because of this, I am able to choose things in life that make me happy, keep me balanced, and yes, sometimes do cost money, like my chickens or my dog.  Take a walk in the woods, lay on a beach, smell the flowers, or feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  Those alone, give us plenty of reason for happiness.  Those and love.  And chickens.  :)

(After I wrote this, I asked my husband what he had in his life that made him happy, that didn't cost him money.  It took a while for an answer, but what he said was "Happiness".)


  1. Peace brings happiness, inner balance, if we didn't have money to keep us warm and our tummy full, would we be happy?
    Loved the commentary and love the eggs that help make y ou happy!

  2. Very Well Said~~ Thank you!

  3. Wow, that really impressed me! I like your ideas. And the cartoon made it even better! Thanks for sharing your concept! Cheers This is simply hilarious! I gotta keep coming back.

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